About Alicia


26 Years Of Experience in the public school system

About Alicia

Special Education Advocate

Alicia has worked in the public school system for 26 years, working primarily with students with special needs. She has served as Special Education Team Leader and as Special Education Department Chairperson. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Texas State University and received her Teaching Certification and Special Education Certification from the University of Houston Clear Lake. While serving as Special Education team leader, Alicia presented training on “What an Inclusive Classroom Looks Like” and “Co Teaching Strategies in an Inclusive Classroom”.

During her 26 years of working with children with disabilities, she has worked with students in Kindergarten and every grade up to 8th grade. She has had the opportunity to work with children identified with learning disabilities, Dyslexia, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Other Health Impairment (OHI), Emotionally Disturbed (ED), TBI (traumatic brain injury), children who fall within the autism spectrum and ADD/ADHD.

As your advocate, Alicia will help empower parents and give a voice to students by:

Advising parents about services, programs, and accommodations that meet their children’s individual needs

Helping parents interpret reports and evaluations, as well as explaining their implications

Drafting requests, responses, letters and complaints to schools

Assisting parents with submitting written requests

Preparing parents for IEP and 504 meetings which may include suggesting support materials or prioritizing goals and objectives

Checking special education documents for accuracy and completion both before and after IEP and 504 meetings

Accompanying parents to IEP and 504 meetings to offer advice and assistance

Advising parents about the strength of their cases before review and offering referrals to special education attorneys when appropriate


How Alicia can help?

As your advocate, I am able to help parents make sure their child’s special needs are met. I can help you understand what services are available, interpret test results, and work with schools to plan individualized education programs (IEPs).

For a student with special needs, learning concerns take many forms. Alicia helps families address previously identified learning challenges, as well as pinpoint overlooked factors that may be affecting their child’s ability to learn. Alicia also helps parents gauge their child’s progress. In situations when parents believe their child may be stalling or even regressing, Alicia can guide parents through the steps to address the situation.

There is a complex system of federal, state, and local laws, as well as policies and regulations, that oversees special education. These laws, policies, and regulations detail:

Each of these aspects of special education involves a process, and each process is governed by rules and regulations. Alicia will help your family navigate not only the laws but also the processes by which schools implement legislation. Parents often lack knowledge of these systems, laws, and best practices. Furthermore, schools use a litany of terms and abbreviations—for example, LRE, BIP, FBA, that can leave parents struggling to keep up in discussions about their child’s special needs. As your advocate, Alicia can explain these terms and fill in the gaps.