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Professional Development Courses


Alicia has 26 years of working with students with challenging behaviors. She is able to train teachers, school staff, and provide, demonstrate how to complete, when to complete and how often to complete the necessary forms, documenting student behaviors. Proper documentation helps protect teachers, schools and districts from TEA complaints and Due Process.

Alicia Tucker Special Education Advocate LLC is TEA approved as a continuing professional education (CPE) provider for the State of Texas. Upon completion of any staff developments presented by Alicia Tucker Special Education Advocate LLC, participants will be provided with a certificate for CPE credit hours.

Hire Alicia for Staff Development

questions for autism screening

How to document and collect data on IEP and behavior goals.

causes of emotional and behavioral disorders

How to help a student de-escalate when behaviors are heightened.

defiant personality disorder

How to build trust with an Emotionally Disturbed, Autistic or a child with challenging behaviors.

support strategies for autism

How to write “SMART” goals and a detailed PLAAFP for a child’s IEP.