How to deal with a child with challenging behaviours?​

How to deal with a child with challenging behaviors?

Dealing with difficult behaviors in the classroom is a significant challenge for teachers. It’s essential to avoid labeling students as “bad kids” and to make informed decisions rather than acting in the heat of the moment. Collecting data on behaviors is a crucial step in supporting teachers, benefiting students, and improving the school environment.

Workshop Highlights

Importance of Data Collection:
  • Learn why gathering data on student behaviors is vital and how it aids teachers, students, and the school.
Effective Strategies:
  • Discover practical techniques for managing challenging behaviors in the classroom.
Building Trust:
  • Develop methods to build trust with students, fostering a positive learning atmosphere.
Informed Decisions:
  • Gain insights into avoiding labels and making well-considered disciplinary decisions.
Consistent Implementation:
  • Understand how to apply these strategies consistently to achieve the best outcomes.


Alicia Tucker, a Special Education Advocate with 26 years of experience, will share her expertise in managing classroom behaviors and building trust with students.