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Mrs. Tucker
Alicia Tucker

Mrs. Tucker has worked in the public school system for 26 years, working primarily with students with special needs. She has served as Special Education Team Leader and as Special Education Department Chairperson.

Advocate for special needs in Alief, Cypress, CyFair and Klein

Alicia Tucker, is a Special Education Advocate in the Alief, Cypress, CyFair and Klein area and is able to help parents get the best education possible for their special needs child. Alicia can attend IEP and 504 meetings to ensure that the school is providing the services your child needs.


How Alicia can help


Autism, a neurological condition, is characterized by differences in social communication and interaction, alongside restricted interests and repetitive behaviors.

Intellectual Disability

Intellectual disability is a condition characterized by limitations in cognitive functioning and adaptive behaviors, impacting an individual's everyday life and learning abilities.

Emotional Disturbance

Emotional disturbance refers to a condition in which an individual exhibits inappropriate behaviors, emotions, or both, leading to difficulties in social interactions and academic performance.

Oppositional Defiance Disorder

Children with ODD often exhibit stubbornness, argumentativeness, and a tendency to deliberately provoke others, leading to significant impairment in social, academic, and familial functioning.


Advocates emphasize the importance of understanding ADHD as a unique neurological variation rather than a flaw, promoting acceptance, support, and accommodations for individuals with ADHD to thrive.


OHI is an engaging platform offering insightful content tailored to advocate interests, fostering community and empowerment through knowledge sharing.

Specific Learning Disability

A specific learning disability is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting the brain's ability to receive, process, analyze, or store information. It can manifest in difficulties with reading, writing, math, or other cognitive processes despite average or above-average intelligence

Speech Impairment

A speech impairment refers to any condition that affects a person's ability to produce sounds correctly or fluently, or to use their vocal cords, tongue, lips, or other speech-related structures effectively.

Professional Development Courses

A few topics Alicia can present include: “How to help de-escalate a child with intense behaviors”, “How to utilize a Safe Place within the classroom”, “Using visuals effectively”, “Documentation and collecting data on IEP goals and behaviors” and “Building rapport with sensitive and students with challenging behaviors”. She can also tailor presentations to address specific needs of the staff

Special ED Advocate in Alief, Cypress, CyFair and Klein

Every child deserves a free appropriate public education. Alicia is committed to advocate for your child’s individual needs. She understands the struggles that go along with trying to understand the special education system. If you are a parent in the Alief, Cypress, CyFair and Klein area, Alicia Tucker will provide advocacy services that includes reviewing your child’s current paperwork, all testing that has been completed, current IEP and services your child is receiving through the school.

Special Education Advocacy near Alief, Cypress, CyFair and Klein

Alief, Cypress, CyFair and Klein area parents, if you have any concerns about your child’s special education services or accommodations, it is important to consult with a special education advocate who can help you understand your rights and options. No matter what your child is diagnosed with (Autism, ADHD, Speech, etc..) Alicia will advocate for your child to make sure his/her IEP is tailored specifically for your child’s needs and that it is being implemented with fidelity. concerns about your child’s special education services or accommodations, it is important to consult with a special education advocate who can help you understand your rights and options. No matter what your child is diagnosed with (Autism, ADHD, Speech, etc..) Alicia will advocate for your child to make sure his/her IEP is tailored specifically for your child’s needs and that it is being implemented with fidelity.


Alicia Tucker's customer say

James Wittenbrook
James Wittenbrook
She is definitely in it to help the children! After receiving her info from a family member I’m super grateful for all her help!
Rebecca Grubb
Rebecca Grubb
Alicia is an amazing advocate. She has been working with our family for over a year and I only have wonderful things to say. She is detailed, reliable, responsible, organized and everything you could possibly want as an advocate. In addition, she is a warm and kind person who really just wants to help families anyway she can. She has years of experience working with autistic children and even more experience working within the school system. I would recommend anyone to her who is looking for support navigating this extremely complex process or just some advice on ways to work with autistic children. If you are on the fence, just give her a call and have a conversation with her. I promise you won’t be sorry you did!
Patricia Perez
Patricia Perez
It was a pleasure working with Alicia a few years ago. She was a great advocate for our students, always attentive to their needs and dedicated to doing what was best for them.
Kalpana Mobley
Kalpana Mobley
Alicia Tucker has worked with special education children for a very long time.She is very patient and caring towards all her students. She has indepth knowledge of the ARD proces. Mrs. Tucker will work hard to get the needed accomadation for your child.
Margie Cioci
Margie Cioci
I have worked as a regular ed teacher with Alicia Tucker for many years. She was always thinking and doing what was best for her students. She has a in-depth knowledge of children's development and abilities that she was able to use for her students' benefit.
Bridget Rivera
Bridget Rivera
I worked with Alicia for 7 years at Alvin Primary School and in her classroom for 1 of those school years. She demonstrated a strong self motivation to work towards the success of each student meeting their individualized needs. She was empathetic and firm while encouraging them. She was also a great teammate treating me with the utmost respect snd gratitude.
Ashley Kirkpatrick
Ashley Kirkpatrick
I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Tucker at my previous campus. She is an amazing educator and advocate for all students!! Her goal was always for the IEP team to work together to meet the childs needs. If I ever need an advocate I will be using her!!
Katie Posey
Katie Posey
Alicia was a great advocate for our kids. She tried to do and fight for what was best for each kid.
Lilibeth delacruz
Lilibeth delacruz
I worked along side Alicia for a couple years. I learned a lot about special education from her. From the acronyms to the laws! Any question I had she would answer it. She is very knowledgeable with this. I now recommend her to my students parents if they ever need an advocate!
Crystal Gomez
Crystal Gomez
Getting help from Mrs. Tucker assisted in reducing the stress and feeling overwhelmed in the ARD meeting. With her help my child made more progress, improved his skills and confidence, and felt happier going to school. We love Mrs. Tucker”! Crystal, Pasadena ISD


Special Education Advocates in Alief can provide crucial support to children with autism and their families in various ways. They help parents understand and participate in the development and review of their child’s IEP, ensuring it meets the child’s unique needs. An advocate also can monitor that the school is implementing the IEP as written and that the child is making progress toward their goals and serve as a liaison between parents and school personnel to facilitate effective communication and collaboration. Advocates in the Alief area can also connect families with local, state, and national resources, including support groups, therapies, and community services.

Special education in Alief, Texas, serves students with a wide range of disabilities, ensuring that each child receives an appropriate and individualized education. The types of disabilities typically served include: 

Autism, Deaf-Blindness, Deaf, Emotional Disturbance, Hearing Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disabilities, Orthopedic Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, Traumatic Brain Injury, Visual Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Speech or Language Impairment.

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD) offers a variety of services for students with emotional disturbances (ED) in special education, including: Psychological services, Individual and group counseling, case management, and psychological evaluations to qualify students for handicapping conditions, counseling, assistive technology, and classroom-based services that focus on social-emotional development, In-class support, resource classes, adaptive behavior, speech and language services, and LIFE skills. A special education advocate can help families in the Cypress-Fairbanks area with these services. Cypress-Fairbanks also has the Academic and Behavior Schools (ABS) East and West which provide an educational environment for those students identified as having severe behavioral difficulties, emotional difficulties, and/or developmental disabilities. The classes are specifically designed to help special education students to function successfully. Staff members at the Academic and Behavior Schools use data-driven behavior management techniques emphasizing positive reinforcement.

All children with disabilities residing in the Klein school district, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, and who are in need of special education and related services, must be identified, located, and evaluated. In addition to children enrolled in the public schools, the child find duty extends to: Children who are homeless children or are wards of the State; and Children who are attending private schools. The placement of a student in special education is driven by assessment. The assessment will produce a Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) and will assist in determining the presence of a disability and identify any educational need for specialized instruction. If after the evaluation is completed and it is determined that the individual meets the criteria for special education in the are of speech, an IEP will be developed by the ARD committee.

Special education advocates help families, in the Klein School District, understand special education laws, the IEP process, and parental rights. The best type of advocate is knowledgeable and has expertise within the special education field. One can determine this based on the relationships an advocate has with their past clients. The typical duties of a special education advocate include the following:

  • Educating parents and guardians about educational laws and policies that are relevant to their child.
  • Evaluating schools and identifying potential problems that may pose a challenge to a child’s specific educational needs.
  • Ensuring that schools are providing services and resources they’re legally obligated to provide.
  • Attending school conferences, individualized education plan (IEP) meetings, and 504 plan meetings.
  • Serving as a liaison between schools and parents.
  • Recommending educational modifications and accommodations that’ll benefit a specific demographic of children.
  • Developing strategies that promote a child’s success at home and in the classroom.
  • Working with legislators to make changes to laws or policies that pertain to education.
  • Helping parents secure resources and accommodations for children with mental or behavioral health issues, learning disabilities, or physical disabilities.
  • Explaining reports and documentation to parents so that they understand them.
  • Advising parents when it’s time to consult with an attorney to pursue legal action.

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